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I hope you are ready to jump start your body back to health!

The program introduces effective ways to use food as medicine. Discover healing rice congee (porridge), smoothies, and essential oil protocols that are a great way to begin healing so that you can start feeling better now!

From eating the right food to mindfulness, movement, and purpose, find the best path to a healthier and happier you.

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Ancient Healing for Modern People.

  • Details for each Body Constitution with Food Guide
  • Details and Daily Menu for a 10-Day GI Cleanse and Body Detox
  • Jump start weight loss
  • Transition to a healthier diet
  • Cleanse bowels, and naturally detoxify the body without harsh purgatives or absolute fasting.
  • Heal indigestion, bloating, gas, heaviness, and sluggish bowel movements. 

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