1. The reason I created my online Acupuncturist's Essential Gut Program
  2. Why do I love Energy Medicine and Balancing Chakras with Tuning Forks? 

Why I love sharing the balanced
Acupuncture Medicine approach to
eating and staying healthy!

This is my reason why I created the online Acupuncturist's Essential Gut Program!

It is my reason why I created the online program, “It’s All About Your Gut: A Healthy Gut Healthy Body System”.  

Early on in my acupuncture practice I was helping people with many different types of health concerns as a general practitioner. Pain relief for low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, as well as infertility were the most common reasons people were seeking my care.

Something I noticed was that the main complaint seemed to co-exist with digestive issues as well as one or more other symptoms of anxiety, stress, or insomnia.

Guess what? Acupuncture works great for these conditions. This is whether or not there is a definitive diagnosis of the problem from their doctor. When the focus of treatment included improving and regulating bowel movements, and relieving stomach discomfort the results were quicker and more effective!

It is also necessary to make dietary changes to help heal the digestive system. There is a lot more that involves teaching about healthier food choices, what to eat, what not to eat, and how to eat per Acupuncture Medicine Food rules. It is something that cannot be learned while having an acupuncture treatment at the same time. 

My program is based on years of working with patients with YOUR PROBLEM! In truth, I have learned what works by trial and error, lots of research, and the feedback from my patients. My patients have taught me that everyone is an individual, and that is why the foundational diet of Traditional Chinese Medicine works so well.  

I have done my best to help you use easy to follow healing recipes with simple ingredients you can find in your own pantry, or at your local grocery store. Food, herbs, and spices can be used as medicine depending upon the needs of the person, how it is cooked, how much is eaten, how often, and how you eat. In other words it is dose dependent like how two cups of coffee, or two glasses of wine can be healthy, but over this amount can become detrimental to your health.

Healing the gut became a personal mission when someone close to me in my family had emergency surgery to repair a ruptured colon from diverticulitis. She could have lost her life! The recovery was painful, and also emotional. 

Because this was an emergency surgery, and part of her colon needed to be removed it was necessary for her to have a colostomy bag. The second surgery to connect the two ends of the colon didn’t happen until nine months later. It was another difficult surgery. It felt worse than the first one she said. It was totally worth it though because she didn’t want to have to deal with the colostomy bag, and skin irritation around the stoma (the open end of her colon on her abdomen).

After witnessing this I want to help as many people as I can avoid complications that can happen with gastrointestinal diseases. I know that I have a powerful medicine that is natural, and effective. More people should know about this, and use it. 

I will teach you ways to use food as medicine to improve digestive health, stop pain, avoid complications, or worse dying from it. I also do not want to forget to mention the emotional aspects. Essential oils are exceptional when used for easing the emotional toll, anxiety, and stress that both exacerbates problems, and may be the source in many cases.

There is a connection between the gut and the brain, and the gut is the center that impacts every other body system. Thus, a healthy gut means having a healthy body, and a healthy mind. My goal is to help as many people as I can improve their digestive health through natural remedies and eating right without drugs or side-effects.

Therefore, if this resonates with you, and if my Healthy Gut Healthy Body System helps you please share with somebody you care about that needs help. 

Your health is important.

Start your journey back to health today. 

The Acupuncturist’s Essential Gut Program:

“It’s All About Your Gut because a healthy gut is a healthy body!”

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In health and healing,

Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle

Dr. Michele Arnold Pirtle

Michele Arnold Pirtle,

D.A.C.M., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. & C.H.

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Your health and how you feel is about what you do for yourself every day. Please enjoy these tips and tricks and try them out so that you can feel good and be happy. Share with your friends and family!

Michele Arnold completed her doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (D.A.C.M.) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in August, 2016. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, in 1999, with a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (M.T.O.M.). Michele’s Bachelor of Science degree is in Biology, received in 1993 from San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. She holds both a California State Acupuncture license (L.Ac.), and she is currently a Diplomat (Dipl. Ac. & C.H.) of the National Board of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM).

Why do I love Energy Medicine and Balancing Chakras with Tuning Forks? 

I want to share my story with you about how I was introduced to tuning forks, and why I love using them so much. 

A few years ago a friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Sherry Shoemaker, invited me to attend an upcoming class with her to earn some needed educational credits for our acupuncture license. It was about using vibrational tuning forks on acupuncture points and above the body for other sound healing techniques. At the time I had zero interest. I had no idea why I would want to incorporate tuning forks into my practice, so I said, "No". Even with cajoling, I wouldn't change my mind. 

My friend took the course, and purchased several tuning forks. She asked if she could practice using them on me. "Yes, of course", I said. She began with a few acupuncture needles, which I am familiar with. Then she placed two Ohm tuning forks near by ears for me to listen to. There was this relaxing low hum that I could feel resonating throughout my head, and my whole body. I began to feel deeply relaxed while the tension from the day just melted away.

Next, she placed them on the bottom of my feet on the acupuncture point Kidney 1 Bubbling Spring. I loved the feeling of the vibration as I not only could feel it on my feet, but I felt it travel up my legs. 

She continued to tap the forks, and place them on several different acupuncture points over my chest, arms, and legs. Dr. Sherry explained that the sound naturally dies down between taps, and it is considered a musical rest. This rest is silence that is an important part of the treatment. She tapped some forks with higher sound frequencies above my body, which I could swear even though they didn't touch me, that the sound was being absorbed through to my bones, and I loved the humming, or wind chime sounds.  

After the tuning fork acupuncture I felt amazing, relaxed, and a little sad that it was over! I slept so well that night. I didn't know what to expect as far as results or anything, but I do contribute it to helping me find some mental clarity and peace. I would like to think that it was this amazing treatment that helped me move forward with finishing a project I was working on.

A few weeks later my friend and I attended a local acupuncture convention. It so happens that one of the vendors that was there was selling tuning forks. Upon passing by I was given the sales pitch, and also a demonstration of how to use them. The sales person demonstrated on me by placing one fork on my chest, and one on my back. The vibration was strong, and I thought it was awesome. She explained how her patients loved the tuning forks, and that it is a great way to practice needless acupuncture.

"They are exceptional for helping people with insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, and self-discovery finding your purpose and passion", I was told.

She said, "I'll even throw in our book for free!" "OK, fine. I'll take the set of tuning forks". And out I walked with a bag full of new healing tools.

That is how I began my affection for tuning forks. In order to use what I just purchased I needed to learn everything I could about them.

Thus, I purchased several books, read online articles, blogs, and watched videos. I made my notes, and began using them in my practice. Over and over again I learned about how tuning forks balance the Chakra-Meridian systems. This idea of a tangible way to really feel the energy and connect it with each chakra resonated with me.

If you are wondering about terms you may not of heard of like Chakras, think of Chakras as areas on the midline of your body that when stimulated connect with your nervous system, glands, endocrine system, organs, and brain. That is why using tuning forks to balance the Chakra-Meridian systems help with the gut-brain connection. It is why it can help people suffering with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

My goal was to become an expert in this energy healing medicine. Now, I wanted to take some classes! There was one book that I read that struck me as the most useful, and the author had explained everything so clearly. She is an author, an acupuncturist, a musician, and composer. She also happened to have classes in my area.  

I signed up to take her course along with my office colleague, Dr. Tracey Whitney. I forgot to mention that I sucked her into this gig as well. It wasn't that difficult after using them on her. She fell in love with them too. And that was it. 

I created my signature AromaTune treatment by incorporating essential oils along with tuning forks. What is unique about this is that a recipe of different essential oils, and different tuning forks can be used depending upon the needs of the client or chief complaint. I now offer a similar treatment that is half as long without the use of essential oils, called Body Tune. Both can be called tuning fork acupuncture. It is essentially vibrational medicine because everything in the universe all the way down to every one of your cells oscillates or moves. Each different tissue resonates with certain frequencies. So by placing a tuning fork with the correct frequency over an area of your body that needs tuning, your body will want to tune-up to the correct pitch. Amazing right?

It makes me feel satisfied to know that I can help people feel better without using drugs or other harsh procedures. If this resonates with you, and you would like to experience AromaTune or Body Tune Click here to set your appointment today!

You can also learn how to use tuning forks on yourself, and follow along during an online group class I offer as a monthly membership. Click here to Sign-up Now!

For other health practitioners, I am excited to teach you how to incorporate them into your practice. Click here to Enroll in your class now!

Take a look at the three pathways you can take with tuning forks…

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In health and healing,

Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle

Dr. Michele listening to Ohm unison