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Chinese Medical Theory and Patterns of Disharmony for Digestion

Chinese medical theories are generally based around the classical principles of Yin Yang and the Five Elements. It is a naturalistic science that is based on the premise that if the body is in balance, both internally and in harmony with the external environment then there will be good health. Traditional Chinese medicine did not have a category for what in modern times is referred to IBD, IBS, or GERD. These conditions would have been labelled under disease categories such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, regurgitation, or acid reflux, which are the primary diagnostic criteria for the syndromes.

In Chinese medicine, the spleen, stomach, liver, kidney, and large intestine can all play a role in the pattern of disharmony. An organ In TCM is not only viewed as an anatomical structure, but also as a system, which includes glands, and organs that function together. Each organ has a specific meridian that stems from it and connects it with its paired organ and to various parts of the body. So when talking about a spleen deficiency or liver problem, it does not mean there is damage to the physical organ, in most cases.

IBD and IBS can be complicated diseases, and often they have a combination of patterns responsible for the resulting imbalance. Some of the common patterns associated with IBD and IBS include:

Qi and blood Weakness, Yang-Qi Coldness, Damp-Heat, Phlegm-Damp Cold, Qi and Blood Stasis, Liver and Spleen Disharmony, Or Cold-Hot Attack.

Physical manifestations of patterns are not constant. The body's condition can change due to living environment, mental state, diet, physical activities, or diseases. For some conditions we can take active measures to help bring our body back to a healthy state.

Taking the following quizzes in the next module will help you identify your most predominate pattern type. Using the food guide focus on the foods suggested that will bring you back into a state of balance. It is normal to see yourself in more than one type, or even in every one. Focusing on the one that seems most like you will generally help you become more stable and healthy.


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