What to bring to class

Prepare for a great class experience.

What to wear:  Loose fitting clothing that easily rolls up well above the elbows and knees.  Socks if your feet get cold.

Where to practice and view the course:  Choose a space that is warm enough for you, well ventilated, and without distractions. 

Be sure you have enough space to lie down, or stretch out.  Choose a room where you won't be disturbing anyone because we may have discussions, or be using our voices and/or tuning forks.  However, tuning forks are pretty quiet.*

What to bring:

  • Have your notes downloaded and/or printed with a pen so you can easily take notes. 
  • A yoga mat, or massage table may come in handy to sit on, or lie down. 
  • A blanket or pillow to roll under your knees if you need back support.
  • A pillow for your head.
  • A chair, counter, or other stable thing to hold onto while performing some of the stretches or moves if you have poor balance.
  • If you have essential oils, have them handy along with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil (FCO).
  • We may give instructions of which essential oils to bring before the class begins. *It is not required to have the essential oils or tuning forks in order to participate and achieve results.
  • You can always purchase the wellness tools as needed, or when you can so you can practice the class exercises at your pace.
  • If you have tuning forks have them handy in case we use them. 
  • We may not use every tool for every class* time permitting, and specific needs of the course subject matter.