The Otto Forks-The Sound of C

The sound of C is beneficial for strengthening the first Root Chakra.

It helps with feelings of safety, support, willingness to live and work, and uplifts depressive moods. The vibration from the forks penetrate and stimulate acupuncture points, reflex points on the feet, face or hands.

Otto 32-Benefits skin, hair, lymph, and cranial sutures. This fork is generally used sweeping above or barely skimming the skin or hair.

Otto 64-Benefits Sacral ligaments, balances sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system, and perineum. This fork is used to stimulate or balance acupuncture points, or reflex points on the feet. It is also in body work to relax and sooth muscle tension and joint pain.

Otto 128- This sound can be also be created when using C 256 and G 384 together because their difference is 128. It is a Perfect 5th.A perfect 5th can be used to balance the yin and yang, which is analogous to our autonomic nervous system.

Supports alignment of physical structures of bone, nerve, lymph, and tissue. It is gentle enough to use on a child ages 4 to 11 years. Also, gentle enough to use on the face and head for facial rejuvenation or sinus, nasal conditions.

Don’t use directly on broken bone, but near to speed healing. This fork is often used by sports therapists to quickly assess if a bone is broken.

It is often used together with the Ohm 136.1 to create interferential frequencies. The Ohm is dispersing and sedating while the Otto 128 is stimulating and tonifying.

You can purchase your Otto 128 tuning fork HERE

Listen to the C Otto 128 tuning fork