About Ohm 136.1 Hz.

It is often considered the primal sound whose primary function is to bring relaxation.

Ohm is the sound of the universe. Listening to this sound will unite the listener with the original primordial vibration and supreme consciousness.

The entire universe was created from this sound. The purest name of God in Hindu tradition is Ohm. By listening to this sound, and singing it, you are taking in the name of God.

The mantra that is often repeated during meditation is Ohm, Om, or AUM.

It stimulates balance and healing along with reaching higher levels of consciousness.

When placed on the ends of the ribs, breast bone or sacrum it connects your body and mind. It helps program positive thinking and affirmations to balance emotions and mental disorders.

How to use the Ohm Fork


Sit comfortably in a quiet place free from distractions or interruptions.

Breath deeply into your lower abdomen two to three times.

Then holding the tuning fork by the stem with your thumb and index finger, gently strike the tins on your knee or activator. Be sure not to touch the tins of the fork because it will dampen the vibration or stop it altogether.

Strike the fork listening to the sound and feeling the vibration in your hand holding the fork. Place the fork near your ear and listen beginning with the left ear.

Strike the fork again when the sound or vibration has almost died out bringing the sound-vibration full again. Repeat 3-4 times then switch to the right ear. If you have two Ohm forks place one next to each ear and listen to Ohm unison. If using Ohm unison strike the fork 4-7 times.

While listening you can sing along chanting OooohhhMMMMMM.

You can also choose to alternate chanting Ohm with a positive affirmation such as, "I feel peaceful, calm, and clear", or "I am loved, my heart is free and light".

When finished sit in silence for a few moments. Check in with yourself to observe how you feel.

Doing this as little as 15 minutes per day can bring amazing results of feeling grounded, positive, and self-assured.


Because this fork has strong vibrations like the Otto tuning forks, you can place it on your body to feel it. You can place this fork directly on acupuncture points, the spine, ribs, chest, sacrum or any other bone. The sound frequency of this fork is 136.1. It resonates with the whole body and the universe. It can help reduce pain in the surrounding area wherever it is placed.

Singing the mantra Oooohhhhmmmmmm simultaneously also strengthens the power and force of your own innate sound.

Because this is a powerful tool for the mind Ohm benefits overly excited people, autistic people, and enhances focus, concentration, memory, and comprehension.

It releases feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, and poor coping abilities known as stress.