Tips to Balance Your Heart Chakra for the Chakra Series Weekly Webinars

Please enjoy these tips I want to share with you about ways you can balance your heart chakra.

We begin our webinars with some education about chakras, meridians, and/or a current health concern. Next, we apply methods using one or more of the five senses such as smell, sound, sight, touch, and taste depending on time constraints, and the subject matter. The class will be one hour long.

  • Breathing exercises like Qi-gong
  • Meditation and positive affirmations
  • Aroma therapy with essential oils
  • Meridian exercises and simple stretches
  • Sound healing with your voice or tuning fork.
  • Acupressure using fingers, tapping, an essential oil, or tuning fork acupuncture.
  • Vision with color-light, imagination and visualization.
  • We may have a guest speaker for their expertise on a subject matter when available.

This is also just a snap shot of a few of the things we will do together during our Chakra Series weekly webinars. If you'd like to enroll in our classes Join Here!